Project "Cortege"

Task: to design main vehicles, included in president's cortege of Russian Federation


Pic. 1 Family of ZIL cars. Left to right: minivan, limousine, SUV
Pic. 2 Limousine. Clearly visible ZIL motives at front
Pic. 3 Thanks to successful proportions car hides its real size
Pic. 4 In side windows and rear lighting unmistakably recognizable features of GAZ-13 "Chayka"
Pic. 5 SUV. Calm, strong, confident
Pic. 6. Minivan. The essence of the minivan lies within. Outside - only similarity style.
Pic. 7. The interior of the limousine. Classical features, purely business style
Pic. 8 Limousine in it's natural habitat
Pic. 9 A civilian version of limousine
Pic. 10 A civilian version of SUV